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What is the Jigerr?

Comes in 5 colorsIce fishermen have been using wooden jig sticks since time immemorial. Over the past 30 years, the ice fishing market has been flooded with hundreds of tip-up and jigging rod designs, each claiming to be better than the last but, the truth is, with all their moving parts, hinges, pins, bungees, elastics, plastics, springs, levers and reels – they’re expensive, complicated, and prone to freezing or breaking.

Bottom line? They’re not 100% reliable. Sticks, on the other hand, are!

There’s nothing more disappointing than hopping on your sled, quad or in your truck and making the trek out to your favorite fishing spot, opening your gear bag and finding your tip-ups or jigging rods all tangled – or worse – broken!

Jigerr has no moving parts, is made from solid 1cm (3/8″) plywood and, with the unique hook and loop strap, stores and travels securely. Lightweight. Strong. Easy to set up and use. Simple.

Put the “sport” back into your sport ice fishing this Winter with Jigerr!

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