Jigerr – The Ultimate Jigging Stick

Jigerr harkens back to the old days of ice fishing, back before expensive (and often complicated) tip-ups and jigging rods appeared on the scene. I’ve owned and used just about every type of tip-up and jigging rod on the market over the past 10 years or so and after contending with countless bird’s nests, frozen reels and rod tips, freeze ups, breakdowns, not to mention all of the fish I’ve lost in the process, one thing became quite clear…sometimes,¬†simple is better!

Growing up, my dad took me ice fishing all the time. We didn’t have fancy equipment, rods and tip-ups. In fact, we used a 6″ hand auger, broken hockey sticks for jig stands and some pretty basic jigging sticks he’d cut out of old¬†paneling. And you know what? The fishing was great!

So why the Jigerr?

I got fed up with spending $30+ on all kinds of over-hyped tip-ups that simply didn’t work or didn’t last. Small jigging rods are fine until the tip freezes up, the line loops and tangles on the tip or the reel spits out a huge bird’s nest. They take up a lot of room in my sled or gear bag, tend to get tangled up in my other gear, broken in storage or transit. So I went back to the classic jigging sticks but…I felt there were some things I could do to improve the design. After several years of testing and tweaking…I came up with Jigerr!

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The River Bank Workshop

…is a small Northern Ontario wood manufacturing workshop that has been providing custom cabinetry as well as the design and manufacture of quality wood products, such as Jigerr, for over 10 years.

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