So what is it about Jigerr that makes it the ULTIMATE jigging stick? I’m glad you asked!

Jigerr is a modern take on classic ice fishing  jigging sticks our fathers used to make out of old sheets of paneling or plywood – with a few notable improvements.

Built in handle

Built in handleWe’ve incorporated a handle in the Jigerr that is comfortable for all hand sizes and large enough to accommodate your gloves or mitt. You get the hand jigging action of a rod and a solid grip that won’t slip from your hand when a fish strikes.

Vented body

Vented body designVent holes? Why? For one, to make it even more lightweight without compromising strength and durability. But more importantly, when your Jigerr is hanging from your stick or stand in a breeze or gust, the vent holes are designed for optimal jigging action.

Adjustment slots

Adjustment slotsThree hook and loop strap slots provide you with the best angle depending on jig and sinker weight.

Quality materials

Hand sanded furniture grade plywoodJigerr is made from premium furniture grade plywood. It’s 30% lighter and stronger than conventional plywood, has 7 ply with no voids or defects and better adhesive. Each and every Jigerr is hand routered and sanded to ensure the smoothest edge possible.

Adjustable strap

Durable hook and loop strap   Strap for hangingStrap for bundling and storing

Forget elastics, bungees and ropes that weather, fray, break and get tangled in your gear. Jigerr uses a multi-purpose adjustable hook and loop strap that is easy to use, long lasting and strong. Hang, adjust or take down your Jigerr quickly. Will hold over 50 lbs of weight and still won’t break. Use the strap to bundle and store multiple Jigerr sticks.

Made in Canada

100% CanadianJigerr is proudly manufactured by The River Bank Workshop in Northern Ontario – the land of 1000 lakes!


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Close up of the Jigerr Hook and Loop Strap